I ship therefore i am



A “meaning crisis” beyond “economic crisis”: while consumption race is questioned, culture is acclaimed ; will it be soon at the center of the new economy ? (Avignon forum, « Davos » of Culture)




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« How to invent a new growth that emphasizes human well-being ? » (Stiglitz report 2009).





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How to recreate the social link with a new working organization, refocused on “working better” and “working together” ? («well-being and efficiency at work» report 2009, www.travailler-mieux.gouv.fr)





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Because there is urgency : almost 2 employees out of 3 do not believe their interests and those of their leaders go in the same direction. Solutions ? Collective reinvested and opportunities for more direct expression * :

– Develop unformal exchange opportunities with their direct supervisor (64%),

– Organize direct exchange opportunities with company leaders (55%).


TNS Sofres Management Observatory (Jan 2017)

Among the three priority action levers:

  • Collective mobilization on concrete projects, linked to a strategy clearly explained and regularly communicated to the teams




Barbara Kruger, Untitled (I shop therefore I am), 1987 © Barbara Kruger & Galerie Sprüth Magers / Berlin, Londres

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