A business executive and his wife art historian have a dream: and if art, especially art of our time, could help corporations embody the meaning of their action otherwise ?

Or how to disseminate everyday a collective culture that stimulates diversity of views, in order to capture the wider creative potential of everyone, ie innovation potential, at a time where the corporate ability to transform itself has never been so vital ?

End of 2009, entreprisecontemporaine® was born.

In 2010, meetings, lots of meetings, to the one of Gares & Connexions : the new branch of SNCF (French National Railways) born in 2009 and has the management of the 3000 French stations, is looking for ways to embody the “new connection” for the opening of its new Rhin-Rhône High Speed Railway on 11th December 2011.

entreprisecontemporaine® proposes an original business model: Gares & Connexions would open its stations to ambitious contemporary art projects, entreprisecontemporaine® finds the accurate artists, works and corporate sponsors in resonance with the DNA of each territory.


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We are just at the beginning of the adventure …


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