Yan Pei-Ming et des collaborateurs des Laboratoires Pierre Fabre découvrant Pierre Fabre, Jardins de la Fondation, Castres, 18 juillet 2014 – Photo : entreprise contemporaine 2014


Yan Pei-Ming: power and life

Born in 1961, Yan Pei-Ming is a French painter of Chinese origin living between Dijon, Paris and Shanghai. After studying in China, he moved to France in the early 1980 with the desire to confront his technique and culture to Western art. His predilection is particularly portraiture, whose specialty makes him today one of the greatest representatives, as demonstrated for example by his portraits of Mao, John Paul II, Barack Obama or Prince Charles. In 2009, he was invited by the Louvre Museum and created the Funeral of Mona Lisa series. His reinterpretation of the Tres de Mayo by Francisco de Goya is currently showing at the Louvre Lens on the occasion of the exhibition The Disasters of War, and a room is dedicated to him at Centre Pompidou Metz as part of the exhibition Lighthouses. A solo exhibition of the artist also is just being held in Beijing in celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the Franco-Chinese Friendship.

In the words of Yan Pei-Ming, the portrait of Pierre Fabre celebrates “the man both powerful and gentle, the complex character, the father of the company.” It’s in three sequences that the painter offers his vision of the captain of industry and the man in a painting he wanted “spontaneous, direct, sensitive.” Made in the form of a triptych, the portrait brings to life the man through three attitudes and three complementary perspectives. The three paintings were “attacked” at the same time by the artist to “raise the power,” then worked individually, finally completed together.


YPM-VA 1 from Didier Saulnier on Vimeo.