At the origin of the idea of the partnership between FRAC and SNCF Gares & Connexions by end 2011, giving birth to this event celebrating 30 years of FRAC in 30 stations in 2013, entreprisecontemporaine® is also at the origin of the choice, in close collaboration with FRACs, of some fifteen works shown at stations, with highlights such as Alain Bublex in Montpellier (production with Vinci Construction France) and Franck Scurti in Toulouse (mediation with Laboratoires Pierre Fabre).

Here is one of them :

Yves Trémorin, Breizhtorythm, 2007, Brest station, Summer 2013

© Yves Trémorin and FRAC Brittany

© photo entreprisecontemporaine 2013




First look

They are pictures taken as close as possible, on neutral colored background, symbols of Brittany, Breton “good taste” could be said: a full Plougastel’s strawberry, a spectacular lobster tail straight from raz de Sein, a golden to point galette, ready to crunch …


Second look

In 2007, on the occasion of the campaign “La Brittany to crunch, year of gastronomy”, the Régional Comity for Tourism entrusts Yves Trémorin with a “boutique” which sold more than 50 objects of everyday life, inspired by local culinary specialties. It is at the Centre d’Art Passerelle of Brest that the shop is shown for the first time.


Look at history

Wafers placed on a plate, standing out against a black background : still life has inspired many painters, such as Lubin Baugin (about 1631), exhibited at the Louvre and which resonates like a troubling echo to the work of Yves Trémorin. Considered as one of the masters of still lifes in the 17th century, the painter was able to make a simple dessert a poetry. A century later, Diderot celebrated “inanimate natures”, paying homage to another genius: Chardin.


Look at our society

Boldly displayed on aprons, t-shirts and posters, the different facets of Breton culture acquire with Yves Trémorin an aesthetic and symbolic dimension that renews our perception of the identity emblems of Brittany, with sensitivity and not without a touch of humor.


Yves Trémorin

Born in 1959 in Rennes, lives and works in Rennes and Saint-Malo. This Breton photographer revisits the great genres, from portrait to landscape and still life.