David Maljkovic, Out of Projection, 2009, 2 HD video channels installation, duration: 18’41’’ min. © Annet Gelink gallery, Amsterdam


david maljkovic 2

First look

Are we in the past (black and white videos) or in the future (cars or prototypes, a more “sensory” than oral communication between these middle-aged people) ?


Second look

David Maljkovic was able to film prototypes on the test track of Peugeot Sochaux, under the watchful eye of retirees of the company, moving here around the vehicles, sharing experience there, thus becoming “mediums” between man and machine, past and future.


Look at history

The Italian Futurists are the first to celebrate the world of technology and speed; Luigi Russolo attempts to visually decompose the movement of a car launched at full speed into Automobile in Corsa (1912-13) through the color and repetition of triangular shapes, inspired by Cubism. The result has become a cult image.


Look at our society

The Peugeot’s “style”, its DNA, is what “convey” these prototypes. They are the pride of the company’s employees, as of those retirees, who see there the sense of their life’s commitment. The artist reconciles generations, emphasizing the importance of diversity (gender, age, origins, experiences …) in the innovation capacity of the company.