At the origin of the idea of the partnership between FRAC and SNCF Gares & Connexions by end 2011, giving birth to this event celebrating 30 years of FRAC in 30 stations in 2013, entreprisecontemporaine® is also at the origin of the choice, in close collaboration with FRACs, of some fifteen works shown at stations, with highlights such as Alain Bublex in Montpellier (production with Vinci Construction France) and Franck Scurti in Toulouse (mediation with Laboratoires Pierre Fabre).

Here is one of them :

Etienne Bossut, Every Morning, 2010, Lorient station, Summer 2013

© Etienne Bossut and FRAC Brittany

© photo entreprisecontemporaine 2013



First look

From far away, these are 25 rubber boots nested in each other to reach a height of 4.20 m ! Striped and cheerfully colored, these boots of seven giant leagues awaken memories of childhood and balads to the port or the beach. They also evoke the repetition of the same gesture every morning, before the departure for fishing.


Second look

Closer, the work reveals another nature : a resin molding dyed in the mass composes this incongruous object, between sculptural practice and pop object. Étienne Bossut is the anti Duchamp : an artist who creates a work that resembles an object and not the other way around. By this shift, we look at the familiar world with a tender and amused look, we reconsider it.


Look at history

The work is also a tribute to André Cadere, the famous walker with a stick of many colors. This unclassifiable artist “forgot” this unexpected object in all the museums of the world. The work, descended from the rails, thus made familiar, could be grasped by the first comer who was making this strange and attractive thing his own.


Look at our society

Every morning is a nod to the tradition of perennial fishing in Brittany. Here in Lorient, the city with the 5 harbors and the 2nd fishing harbor of France, the work is also tinged with a special tribute to the workers of the sea, “every morning” on the bridge.


Etienne Bossut

Born in 1946 in Saint-Chamond, lives and works in Rennes (35). He carries out plastic moldings of everyday objects and carries an amused and staggered look at the industrial society and its mode of production in series. Widely recognized on the European scene, he has exhibited at the Villa Arson in Nice and at the Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne.